ThermiVa Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation procedure

September 7, 2021

Thermiva Rejuvenation Procedure

ThermiVa therapy is a new treatment that aims to tighten vaginal muscles. ThermiVA therapy is an outpatient procedure that takes less than 60 minutes to perform, and it doesn’t require any incisions or anesthesia. The therapy is delivered by a medical device called the ThermiVa which delivers radiofrequency energy to the targeted area.

ThermiVa is a procedure that improves the quality of life for women who have suffered from symptoms of vaginal atrophy, also known as vaginal dryness, thinning, and irritation.

ThermiVa treatment is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat and tighten the vaginal tissue. ThermiVa treatment can be used to treat both women and men, and has been shown to significantly improve the quality of life.

It is a treatment that has resurfaced as an option for women who want to tone their vaginal walls and surrounding muscle. There are many misconceptions about the process, so this article will clear up the confusion.

Thermiva Treatment

Thermiva Treatment for Menopause It is a non-surgical procedure that uses the power of radiofrequency energy to treat menopausal symptoms. The treatment is simple and painless, and can be performed in a doctor’s office. It requires no incisions, no general anesthesia , and no recovery time. It is designed to improve symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness, urinary symptoms, and more. The treatment has been recently approved by the FDA for use in menopausal women that suffer from moderate to severe symptoms of menopause. The procedure typically requires three to five treatments, which can be spread out over a month period. It is designed to help menopausal women find relief for these uncomfortable symptoms. The procedure is performed in a doctor’s office, and takes only one hour. Thermiva is designed to treat most women, and will also work with most insurance carriers.

Benefits of Thermiva

1. Treats uncomfortable symptoms associated with menopause.

2.Provides hot flashes relief

3. vaginal dryness relief

4. Relief for Women with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI)

5. Improves sexual activity and desire

6. Minimally invasive procedure

7. Treats vaginal atrophy and dryness

8. Treats Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

9. Improves urinary function


Thermiva Side Effects

1. There is some swelling and discomfort for a few days, which is easily controlled with pain relievers.

2. Some patients experience an increase in urinary urgency, but this usually goes away after a week or two.

3. Allergic reaction to the collagen

4. Sometimes the vaginal area is tender for a few days after Thermiva treatment.

5. Increased urinary frequency is sometimes experienced for several days after 4. Bleeding may occur for a week after

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